Tuesday, April 15, 2008

losing the will to live

Sorry to have disappeared for a while but the dots are killing me.

Death by dots- I could be the first.

My back hurts

My neck hurts

My feet are swollen from sitting in the same position for 800 hours

My thumb hurts from tweezer stress

I have not left the house except to go to Uni or to go to work every other Saturday in three months. I’m starting to fall apart, and I look like a wild woman who has forgotten about civilization.

If I had just thought of this idea a few months earlier I wouldn’t be going through this now Agh!!!

I’ll just post a few photos of what I’ve been doing and get back to you when I feel like a human again.

This bit I am doing now is really hard steps, people, dogs, it requires a lot of concentration this is the time where I am losing the will to live!

these two pictures have atken ten days and are not even finished, there is so much going on in this area it is really difficult.